Chesslessons for children and adults

Chess is more than just a game. It sharpens your mind, trains your imagination and gives you a lot of fun. In the Middle Ages chess was one of the seven virtues of a knight. Today chess is highly accepted as a pedagogical tool. Chess contains a huge number of possible combinations and is so rich of ideas because of the six different moving chessmen. Chess invites you to think very deep and to concentrate. It opens a world of thrill, excitement and variety. The factor of luck is quite low. To play chess successfully depends mainly on your own power of thinking and on your chessknowledge. But you never can calculate everything. From time to time you have to take risks to beat an equal opponent.

Markus RegezThe Chess-Schcool Markus Regez organises daily courses for kids (4 years and older), teenagers, adults and elderly people. The chesslessons contains a lot of variety and are based on studiying and playing. Attractive chesspuzzles are a challenge for your mind and your logical thinking. Chess makes you clever and makes you fit – independent of your age. You can find more about the course offer under the menu item lessons.
The courserooms at the Seestrasse 149 in 8700 Küsnacht. With a chesslibrary of over 450 books, a computercorner and a lounge for relaxing. An inspiration to train chess in a nice ambiance.

The current semester lasts from 18th of August 2014 to the 7th of February 2015





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